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The First Hundred Meters
By July 2018 RZD International has finished construction of the first 100 meters of the calotte section of the Cortanovci double-track railway tunnel. The tunnel is being built by the Russian company on the Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section of the Belgrad – Budapest railway line. Another milestone - the next 100 meters, is coming up soon.

The total length of the two bores of the tunnel is about 2.2 km. Construction is under way in 4 locations simultaneously, heading from both the northern and the southern mouths of the tunnel. The construction method used is the New Austrian Method. Safety of works is ensured by conducting tunneling under a special safety screen (called “the umbrella” by Serbian workers). This “umbrella”, is made of steel pipes filled with concrete, which eliminates the soil collapse hazard during the construction process.

Installation of this screen required manufacturing of 2 special drilling rigs MC Technology MDT 230K. These machines guarantee safe tunneling, in compliance with the schedule and minimal time expenditures. Besides the drilling rigs there are more than 70 units of tunneling and construction machinery involved in the process. Landslide protection works are nearing completion, while the temporary water disposal systems are already in operation. 

The works continue around-the-clock, regardless of the season and weather conditions. Works are under constant multistage monitoring by supervising authorities, certified laboratories and independent consultants.

RZD International is now working on the construction of the Cortanovci tunnel and of a double-track viaduct in the floodplain of the Danube river. The works are done under the Additional Agreement 3.1 to the main Contract. The contractual price of the Agreement is approximately $338 Mln. The works are scheduled for completion in 2021.



Date of publication: 01.08.2018

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