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RZD International opens windows of opportunity to efficient technologies for repairing railway infrastructure in Serbia
RZD International is completing the modernization of the access railway to the Panchevo oil refinery. The repair was carried out in the “windows” mode with a record productivity for Serbia due to the use of Russian technology for the reconstruction of the track superstructure. During one “window”, the company repairs 1.5-2 times more length of the railway track (lower and upper structure of the track) than it was supposed by contract targets and the general practice of performing similar work in Serbia.

The technology of reconstruction existing railway tracks into "windows" implies that train traffic stops on the section during a predetermined period of time. It is widely used in Russia, and makes it possible to organize current and major repairs of railway infrastructure facilities without a significant impact on train traffic. At the same time, a clear and well-coordinated work of equipment and specialists of various profiles is ensured, since during the “window” lasting from 12 to 16 hours in this section, a full cycle of work is being carried out to repair the lower structure of the track in combination with work to replace the upper structure of the track.

Due to this scheme of repairing the access railway, the Panchevo plant, owned by NIS JSC, continued production and uninterrupted supply of products to its customers, which is especially important, given the importance of the enterprise for the energy supply of the region.

Works on the industrial railway track from the Pancevo Refinery to the Belgrade-Pancevo line are being implemented in accordance with the contract signed between the client, NIS JSC, and the winner of the tender selection procedure, the consortium of INGRAP-OMNI and RZD International in August last year.


Date of publication: 07.02.2022

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