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A consortium of INGRAP-OMNI and RZD International is reconstructing an access railway to the Pancevo Oil Refinery in Serbia
Last week JSC NIS and the consortium of companies consisting of INGRAP-OMNI and RZD International signed an agreement for reconstruction of an industrial access railway to the Pancevo Oil Refinery.

During the project, the companies will modernize permanent way and embankment of the railway section from the Oil Refinery to the Belgrade – Pancevo railway line. The energy supply of the region depends on the smooth operation of the Refinery. In this regard, the repair and replacement of the access railroad will be carried out in "technical windows" mode without stopping the traffic.  This technology is widespread in Russia and has already been tested by RZD International during the modernization of three sections of the Pan-European Transport Corridor X in Serbia.  The works on the project will last no more than 6.5 months and will be carried out even in winter conditions.
Earlier, in 2014 - 2016, RZD International completely reconstructed the 16-kilometer Belgrade-Pancevo section, after which the speed here increased to 120 km/h. Thus, passenger and cargo traffic intensified. Reconstruction of the industrial track to the Pancevo Refinery will allow the Client, JSC NIS, to increase the efficiency and safety of transportation of its products, eliminate delays associated with the condition of the railroad tracks, and take full advantage of the benefits of using the upgraded Belgrade - Pancevo line.

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The NIS Group is one of the largest vertically integrated energy systems in South-Eastern Europe. The main activity of the company is exploration, production and processing of oil and natural gas, sale of a wide range of refined products, as well as implementation of projects in the field of petrochemistry and energy. The headquarters and main production facilities of the company are located in the Republic of Serbia.

Date of publication: 11.08.2021

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