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RZD International congratulates students in Serbia on the start of the school year
On September 2, Mansurbek Sultanov, director of the RZD International branch in the Republic of Serbia, congratulated pupils of the Jovan Ducic school in Petrovaradin on the start of the school year and made a present of sports equipment and inventory.

RZD International continues to support educational institutions in the regions of construction works as part of its humanitarian program. In 2020, the company repaired and equipped the computer class with high-end equipment and updated the sports hall at the Jovan Ducic school. This is already the sixth educational institution where the company has carried out renovation since the beginning of its activities in Serbia in 2014.

Mansurbek Sultanov: “We maintain close ties with residents and leaders of the regions where we build and modernize the railway infrastructure because we do all this for people, for their comfort and improving the quality of life. For this reason, cooperation with schools that we support directly is so important for us.”



Date of publication: 02.09.2021

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