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The Russian company RZD International congratulated Serbian schoolchildren on St. Sava's Day
On January 27, about 2 thousand pupils of 4 Serbian schools received sweet presents from RZD International for St. Sava's Day. Moreover, in honor of the holiday, the company purchased a color printer and other equipment for the Russian language class, which was renovated by the company last year.

RZD International traditionally supports the educational establishments in the areas where the construction works are underway. Since 2014 in the framework of humanitarian program the company has renovated schools “Vasa Zivkovic” (Pancevo), “23 October” (Golubinci), “J.J.Zmaj” (Vranje), “23 October” (Sremski Carlovci) and “Pinki” (Novi Sad). The company annually congratulates the schoolchildren and teachers of these institutions on St. Sava's Day and invites them to participate in creativity contests to maintain friendly relations.

Head of RZD International branch office in Serbia Mansurbek Sultanov: “We congratulate all Serbians on the wonderful holiday of St. Sava’s Day. Being a socially responsible company, we pay significant attention to humanitarian projects and plan to develop these activities in the future”.



Date of publication: 27.01.2020

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