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RZD International, as part of a consortium, is to reconstruct the Subotica - Horgos - State border with Hungary railway line
On June 12, Government of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Railways Infrastructure JSC and a consortium comprising Karin Komerc MD and RZD International signed a Contract for the reconstruction and modernization of the Subotica - Horgos - State Border with Hungary railway line with a length of more than 26 km.

Karin Komerc MD and RZD International were selected as strategic partners for the implementation of this project at the end of May 2021 following the results of a tender organized by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Under the terms of the Contract, the Consortium will design a project and carry out works on the construction and reconstruction of the Subotica - Horgos - State border with Hungary railway line, including the modernization of stations, signaling and telecommunication systems, electrical equipment, power supply systems and engineering structures. The works will take no more than 14 months from the date of their commencement. Before commissioning, the facilities will undergo pre-launch tests. The cost of the contract is €105 million, including VAT.

The Subotica - Horgos line was last renovated over 20 years ago. Currently, only a few sections are in operation. The new railway will be electrified and designed for the traffic of freight and passenger trains up to 120 km/h. During the reconstruction, 2 stations, 2 stopping points and 2 pedestrian crossings will be built. Among the artificial structures there are 10 culverts and an overpass. In the near future, the design of the detailed project for the modernization and construction of the railway will start.


Date of publication: 14.06.2021

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