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RZD International Signed an Agreement for reconstruction of the Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section of the Belgrade – Budapest line
Supplementary Agreement No.3.1 for construction and rehabilitation of the Stara Pazova – Novy Sad section (a part of Belgrade – Budapest railway line) was signed today in the offices of the Government of Serbia by “RZD International” LLC and JSC “Infrastructure of Serbian Railways” as part of the main Contract for construction and rehabilitation of Serbian railways.

The document provides for:

- elaboration of design documentation and construction of two major artificial structures – a viaduct in the flood valley of the Danube river and a tunnel called Chortanovtsy;

- elaboration of design documentation for rehabilitation, upgrading and construction of the double-track railway line in the Stara Pazova – Novy Sad section.

- elaboration of design documentation for the Integrated Traffic Control Center.

Implementation of the project will significantly increase the overall intensity of railway traffic and the speeds of passenger trains up to 200 km/h.

In accordance with the Agreement RZD International will construct two structures, which are unique in scale and importance for Serbian railways – the railway viaduct in the flood valley of the Danube river and the Chortanovtsy tunnel. The new viaduct will be double-track. It is designed as a combination of two 3-km long bridges. The new Chortanovtsy tunnel will have 2 bores, connected by escape passages. Its total length shall be 2.2 km.

Construction of these two structures shall be done with the most up-to-date methods of tunneling and soil reinforcement to prevent land slides. To reduce time of construction, works shall be started in several locations simultaneously.

One of the issues of today’s Agreement is designing of the Integrated Traffic Control Center in Serbia. The principal agreement on installation of the Center was reached by the Parties during the visit of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić to Moscow in October 2015.

Establishment of the Integrated Traffic Control Center in Belgrade will allow to switch from monitoring actual traffic situation to the preventive operation mode which allows forecasting of the traffic situation with regard to all the risk factors.

The document was signed by Mr. Sergey Pavlov, Director General of RZD International and Mr. Dushan Garibovich, Acting Director General of Railway Infrastructure of Serbia.

The total price of the contract exceeds 338 million US dollars, with the construction of the tunnel and viaduct accounting for over 258 million US dollars. The works are scheduled to start in QI 2017.


Date of publication: 15.07.2016

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