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RZD International Approaches Markets of South and Southeast Asia
RZD International presented its capabilities for railway infrastructure construction and reconstruction at the "ASEAN Rail Infrastructure and Expansion" conference on March 30-31, Hanoi, Vietnam.

The event attracted representatives of railway authorities and companies from the countries of South and Southeast Asia. Sergey Stolyarov, Deputy Director General for Development of RZD International, made a presentation on the company within the framework of the business program of the conference. He also delivered proposals on implementation of the promising 40km long “Light Metro” Line, connecting the Ho Chi Minh City and the new Long Thanh airport, construction project. RZD International and the group of Vietnamese investors headed by Lung Lo Construction Corporation signed a Partnership Agreement on this project elaboration in September, 2018.

Sergey Stolyarov: "The conference has revealed serious prospects of collaboration between RZD International, railway companies of Vietnam and other countries of the region. We are interested and fully resourced to implement infrastructure projects in the ASEAN countries. We hope that the joint project with Lung Lo Construction Corporation would introduce a long and productive work of our company in this region." 

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Date of publication: 03.06.2019

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