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RZD International has finished construction of tracks on Jejelev bridge over the Danube river contracted by the Spanish construction group AZVI
In early August AZVI S.A. signed the Final Acceptance Certificate for the "Permanent way and embankment construction on the Jejelev bridge on the Danube river" project, thus confirming that RZD International has fully fulfilled its contractual obligations in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Contract and that the facility is accepted by the Customer.Since then the 2-year warranty period has began.

The subcontract agreement between RZD International and the Spanish construction group AZVI for the embankment and permanent way construction on the Jejelev bridge over the Danube river in Novi-Sad was signed in October 2017.

RZD International commenced executing the project in November 2017. The works included construction of embankment on bridge approaches and permanent way on both - approaches and the bridge itself. The works also included procurement of materials as stipulated in the contract. The Russian track panel laying technology with the Russian-made track-laying cranes was used to do the job.

All contractual obligations were fulfilled on time, despite the adverse weather conditions accompanying the construction works. On April 7, 2018, Jejelev bridge was reopened for regular railway traffic, after 19 years of shutdown. It is an infrastructure facility of great importance, a part of the European Transport Corridor X and of the Belgrade - Budapest high speed railway.

The final cost of the Contract totaled nearly €1,6 mln., the project was funded from the EBRD budget. This was the first time when RZD International acted as a subcontractor to a European company in the Republic of Serbia.


Date of publication: 07.08.2018

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