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RZD International awarded winners of the "Train trip: railways, faces, horizons" photo contest
Today the awarding ceremony for winners of the photo contest for children and youth "Train trip: railways, faces, horizons" was held in Belgrade. The contest was organized by RZD International with the support of the Serbian branch of the International Foundation for the Unity of Orthodox Christian Nations, “Svetosavsko zvontce” magazine.

Through photographs the participants showed their Motherland, people they meet during the trip, as well as the horizons, which railways open for states and nations. Among the works, presented for the contest, the jury decided the winners in “Photograph”, “Photograph with a story” and “Photocollage” awards in three age categories: 9-12, 13-15 and 16-19 years.

The ceremony was honored by representatives of the Russian Embassy, top-management of the Serbian Railways and RZD International’s business partners.

“We were very pleased to see once again that such talented children live in Serbia. In our main activity – construction of railways - we do all the best for you – young and active. You represent that generation which is to live and work for the good of your country using the infrastructure that we are developing today,” said Mansurbek Sultanov, the first deputy director of RZD International branch office in Serbia.

The contest has become a part of the humanitarian program, which is performed by RZD International within the framework of the Contract for construction and rehabilitation of Serbian railways.



Date of publication: 16.12.2016

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