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RZD International Launches the Fifth Creative "Train of Wishes"
In September 2018 it is already the fifth time that RZD International launches children and youth creativity contest "The Train of Wishes" in the Republic of Serbia, aimed to strengthen the ties between people of the two countries. This year it is named "By the Road of Dreams".

The contestants are to express their vision of the friendship and cooperation between Serbia and Russia in the areas of culture, history as well as railway transportation, in the form of an emblem and a motto. Not only the embodiment is important, but also the creative concept, which should be described in an attachment to the work.

Those who have the most vivid imagination can apply for the additional category and come up with an illustration of the real-life application of their ideas. Like, for example, a handicraft made of any material, a poster, a video, a calendar, a flag, etc. The detailed terms and conditions can be found on the website of "Svetosavsko Zvonce" magazine

RZD International has been launching creativity contests for the Serbian pupils since 2014, under the humanitarian program implemented by the Company. Such events are traditionally supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Serbia and attract over a thousand participants from all over the country. Over the previous years, contestants have already presented to the jury their drawings, essays, photos and crosswords.

The award ceremony will take place in Belgrade, in December 2018. The winners will get useful and valuable prizes, which will assist them in fostering their artistic talent and studying.

Take part and win!

For reference:

RZD International is carrying out extensive humanitarian program in terms of the project of constructing and upgrading Serbian railway infrastructure. Its crucial parts, in particular, are providing support for the educational establishments of the country in each area where the construction works are underway, and carrying out activities aimed to strengthen friendly relations between Serbia and Russia.

Since 2014, the Company has renovated schools in Pancevo, Golubinci, Vranje and Sremski Karlovci. In addition, RZD International annually runs creativity contests under the project "The Train of Wishes" for the Serbian pupils aged 8 to 19 years.

In 2015, children and teens from 17 schools in Pancevo took part in the knowledge contest on Russian history and culture. The winners were rewarded with a trip to St. Petersburg during the summer holidays.

Moreover, the Company congratulates the pupils of the sponsored schools on St. Sava's Day. Over 2300 children and teens from 4 Serbian schools received sweets as gifts for Savindan in 2018.

Date of publication: 14.09.2018

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