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RZD International Awarded by the Administration of the Serbian Vranje
On the Town Day of the Serbian town of Vranje RZD International was awarded the prize for “Outstanding contribution to upgrading and developing of educational activities in the region”.

The nomination statement points out, that RZD International, which is implementing the project for construction and rehabilitation of Serbian railways, carries out socially conscious policy in the regions of its presence.

The company has already supported three Serbian schools, one of which is “J.J. Zmaj” in Vranje. In summer 2016 RZD International has fully renovated the classroom for Russian and French language studies and equipped it with new furniture and a high-tech interactive whiteboard.

The awarding ceremony took place in the Army House of Vranje and was attended by local officials and the Region’s most prominent persons.


Date of publication: 01.02.2017

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