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RZD Changes Face of the Belgrade - Budapest Railway Line
RZD International finished piers installation on the railway viaduct in the floodplain of the Danube river. The overall readiness of the object exceeds 60%.

This project is unique to Serbian transport infrastructure. The viaduct reaches 3 km in length, and some piers are higher than a 7-storey house.

1450 bored piles with the total length of more than 40 km were installed for construction of the footings of all the 59 bearing points. The Company has also finished the works on 20 landslide protection structures and has begun constructing the spans between the piers.

RZD International is carrying out construction and reconstruction of the railway in the Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section. The viaduct in the floodplain of the Danube river, designed for the speed of 200 km/h would become a part of a reconstructed Belgrade – Budapest railway line of the Trans-European transport Corridor X.


DSC_5061 n1.jpg


Date of publication: 28.05.2019

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