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Chortanovci Tunnel is Transforming Before the Very Eyes
RZD International has completed the first 100 meters of the Chortanovci tunnel permanent lining. Accordingly, the site readiness thus far exceeds 50%.

The works on construction of the 2,2 km double-track tunnel Chortanovci are under way. Tunneling is carried out in 4 locations simultaneously, from both the northern and the southern mouths of the tunnel.

Permanent lining construction includes damp proofing and concreting of the tunnel crown in full compliance with the project requirements and technology. This will assure its safe operation during the whole lifetime – upwards of 100 years.

Chortanovci tunnel will become a part of a new railway section from Stara Pazova to Novi Sad, Belgrade – Budapest railway line, where the trains will be able to speed up to 200km/h. Moreover, RZD International is performing construction works of the 3 km viaduct in the floodplain of the Danube river in that section. The works are scheduled for completion in 2021.


RZD International has been carrying out modernization and construction of the Serbian railways since 2014. The Company has already completed reconstruction of the Belgrade – Pancevo and Resnik – Valjevo sections within the framework of the Pan-European Transport Corridor X development project and carried out construction of railway tracks on the Jejelev bridge. Also, 27 Russian-made Diesel Multiple Unit trains (DMU) were delivered to Serbia.

Now RZD International is constructing unique to Serbia facilities – the viaduct in the floodplain of the Danube river and the Chortanovci tunnel, – and reconstructing the Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section for the train speed of 200 km/h.

Along with that, in January 2019, RZD International LLC and JSC Serbian Railways Infrastructure signed a contract, which includes the Integrated Traffic Control Center creation in the Republic of Serbia. The Document also stipulates construction works and procurement of materials in terms of the second stage of reconstruction, modernization and construction of the double-track railway for the speed of 200 km/h of the 40,44 km long Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section of the Belgrade – Budapest railway line. Besides, in compliance with another article of the document RZD International will draft a project of reconstruction and modernization of the 210 km long railway line connecting Valjevo – Vrbnica – frontier with Montenegro, aiming at its further implementation.



Date of publication: 25.04.2019

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