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In March 2012 the signing of the General Agreement on the Implementation of Projects in the Field of Railway Transport in the Republic of Serbia had taken place. The scope of works includes elaboration of design and estimate documentation, as well as conducting of construction works in several sections of Serbian Railways with the total length of about 400 km. In order to meet requirements of the Project, in 2013 the Russian Remputmash Group has manufactured 103 units of track machinery and equipment in accordance with European standards, which the Project has to comply with.

On March 25, 2014 construction works under the Contract were launched. Construction of a modern railway infrastructure that meets the latest safety requirements, increasing train speed from 30 to 120 km/h and to 200 km/h in some sections are the ultimate goals of the project.

The total amount of the Contract is $941 million, including $800 million raised from state export credit provided to the Government of the Republic of Serbia by the Government of the Russian Federation.


1. Reconstruction of the Belgrade-Pancevo railway line (16 km)
The project was completed between March 2014 and November 2016.
Works on the railway line included reconstruction of the existing 16 km single-track line, construction and electrification of the second track, construction of railway facilities (2 stations, 2 platforms, a 242-meter bridge over the Tamish river, smaller railway bridges, 3 transformer substations, a signaling and telecom post in the Pancevo-Glavny station). The works have also included construction of drainage systems, rehabilitation of the catenary, signaling and telecommunication systems. At the request of the Client RZD International has additionally fully replaced two overpasses, including installation of new metal spans.

2. Reconstruction of railway infrastructure of the Serbian part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor X (112 km)
Works on all six sections of the transport Corridor X were fully completed ahead of schedule in April 2017.
The project included reconstruction of the existing railway line, 14 stations, 6 platforms, 115 structures and 68 railway crossings.

3. Reconstruction of the existing track of the Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section (40,4 km)
The project is divided into 2 parts:
  • Supplementary Agreement No.3.1 provides for construction of a viaduct (3 km) and a double-track tunnel called Chortanovtsy. Works were launched in 2017 and will be completed in 2021.
  • Supplementary Agreement № 3.2 provides for reconstruction, upgrading and new construction on the 40-kilometer long double-track railway line between Stara Pazova and Novy Sad. Works were launched in March 2018.
4. Reconstruction of the Resnik – Valjevo section (77.6 km) on the Belgrade – Bar railway line (Serbian section — 287,4 km)
The project was implemented between July 2016 and November 2017.
The project provides for reconstruction of the embankment and permanent way, 2 tunnels, 17 bridges, catenary system, signaling and telecommunications systems, as well as repairs of all infrastructure facilities along the railway line, including 10 railway stations.

5. Supply of DMUs from Russia
27 new Diesel Multiple Unit trains (DMUs) were supplied to Serbia under the Supplementary Agreement No.5, a year ahead of the term mentioned in the Contract.

Laying of the embankment and permanent way on the Žeželj Bridge over the Danube river
In 2017 the Spanish company AZVI and RZD International signed a sub-contract agreement to complete works on the substructure and permanent way on the Žeželj Bridge over the Danube river in Novi Sad.
The project provides for laying of the embankment (31 K m3) and permanent way. In April 2018, after a 19-year break, regular railway traffic on the new bridge was resumed.
The project is financed from sources outside of the Russian export credit.